DHL Shipping Painted for Connection to HLS

Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: September 28, 2008
Institution targeted: HLS Supplier DHL Shipping

Received anonymously

September 28:

Without doubt partners of HLS have had different headaches which they caused themselves; well if they had cut ties with that laboratory of animal extermination the FLA would not have gone out to act. One of the partners that continues having ties with such an extremely speciesist lab is the courier company DHL, which received a visit from us; the glass of one of its offices in Mexico State were painted with different symbols of the F.L.A. and with the international slogan that said ‘Break with HLS!’

This will not stop!

A.L.F México

28 de Septiembre:

Sin duda los socixs de HLS han tenido diferentes dolores de cabeza causados por ellxs mismxs, pues si cortaran los lazos con tal laboratorio de exterminio animal el F.L.A no saliera ha actuar. Uno de los socios que aun sigue teniendo lindes con tal laboratorio altamente especista es la empresa de mensajería DHL, la cual ha recibido una visita por nosotrxs, pues los vidrios de una de sus cedes en el Estado de México fueron completamente pintados con diferentes símbolos del A.L.F y con la consigna internacional que dice “¡Rompe con HLS!”

¡Esto ya no va a parar!

A.L.F México