Two More UCLA Vans Expropriated by Liberationists as Non-Human Primate Killing Continues

For Immediate Release
August 12, 2008

Two More UCLA Vans Expropriated by Liberationists as Non-Human Primate Killing Continues
Campus Unwillingly Funds Liberation Activities

Riverside, Chino Hills: In an anonymous communiqué received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, it’s reported that two UCLA vans were stolen from the Riverside and Chino Hills area and that they “have expropriated the funds for the vans to help animals.” The action appears to be part of a sustained campaign to force the university to stop torturing and killing non-human primates in their laboratories, where they kill them after injecting them with nicotine, methamphetamines, Botox or other substances. This most recent communiqué comes just weeks after another UCLA van was taken in a similar fashion and another one was set ablaze.

The communiqué reads in part:
“on the nights of july 23 and 27, we stole two more UCLA vans from Riverside and Chino Hills and have expropriated the funds for the vans to help animals. So far we’ve cost UCLA over 150 thousand dollars in vans which is just a start to penalize them for the use of our tax money for gruesome primate experiments. we are all Gods creations and so are the monkeys who we have witnessed and heard screaming out from the hell they endure day after day after day after day. We’re not stupid and we know what goes on at our own university and we’re sick of it and if we cant leave our studies or our jobs right now the least we can do is cost UCLA money and force them to stop these awful experiments on monkeys being done on our campus…”

To read the entire communique, click here.

A long-running campaign to stop the medically inappropriate and morally reprehensible research using non-human primates at UCLA has seen peaceful and mainstream efforts such as leafleting, petitions, pickets and meeting with UCLA administration fail, as more primates linger and die inside laboratories at large expense to the taxpayer every year. Clandestine, illegal direct actions against primate vivisectors and now a third and fourth UCLA van being attacked is a good indication that UCLA’s strategy of trying to get restraining orders against peaceful picketers isn’t working in diverting attention away from the atrocities going on behind closed doors at UCLA.

Animal Liberation Press Office comments and quotes include:

“As a former animal researcher, I know the realities of animal laboratories, the horrors that will never be shown on tours or routine inspections. I also know the fallacy of expecting animal research to yield results useful in treating human medical conditions, the fallacy of research data thrown away in the garbage along with the thousands of lifeless and mutilated bodies of once sentient, feeling individuals, individuals who had an expectation to live free from suffering and death.” -Jerry W. Vlasak, MD
Press Officer
North American Animal Liberation Press Office

“What vivisectors are doing to non human primates at UCLA is not only immoral and depraved, but scientifically fraudulent. In the 21st century, most Americans do not believe that non human primates should be subjected to cruel experiments.” -Camille Hankins
Press Officer
North American Animal Liberation Press Office

“Currently, nine out of ten experimental drugs fail in clinical studies because no one cannot accurately predict how they will behave in people
based on laboratory and animal studies” -Mike Leavitt
Secretary of Health and Human Services,
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
(Food and Drug Administration press release, FDA Issues Advice to Make
Earliest Stages of Clinical Drug Development More Efficient, January
12, 2006)