Two UCLA Vans Stolen

Communiqué from Students and Workers for the Liberation of UCLA Primates
Date: August 11, 2008
Institution targeted: UCLA Primate Vivisection

Received anonymously

on the nights of july 23 and 27, we stole two more UCLA vans from Riverside and Chino Hills and have expropriated the funds for the vans to help animals. So far we’ve cost UCLA over 150 thousand dollars in vans which is just a start to penalize them for the use of our tax money for gruesome primate experiments.

those of us who attend UCLA or work here pay into their billion dollar bank account using our tuition fees, book fees, even eating rotten campus food. we realize that part of that money goes into making monkeys suffer by putting cylinders inside their brain tissue and getting monkeys strung out on meth and other drugs. we are indirectly participating in this crime against nature and morality. we are all Gods creations and so are the monkeys who we have witnessed and heard screaming out from the hell they endure day after day after day after day.

We’re not stupid and we know what goes on at our own university and we’re sick of it and if we cant leave our studies or our jobs right now the least we can do is cost UCLA money and force them to stop these awful experiments on monkeys being done on our campus and the VA across the 405.

our suggestions to those who are on campus or anyone else who care about monkeys being tormented and killed by the callous fucks like edythe london, jouquin fuster, william melega, nelson freimer, lynn fairbanks and other sadists who enjoy tormenting and killing monkeys is to confront them covertly or overtly where ever and whenever you can. hey, how about following them to their cars in their parking structures? there are a lot of ways to cost the bastards money and make torturing nonhuman animals less rewarding.

students and workers for the liberation of UCLA primates