ALF Liberates 40 Blue Iris mink

Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: April 22, 2008
Institution targeted: Jefferson Fur Farm, Oregon

Received anonymously


We, the masked avengers of the Animal Liberation Front released around 40 Blue Iris mink from the breeding stock at Jefferson Fur Farm, 1477 SE Talbot Road, Jefferson, OR. Breeding records containing genetic history were also permanently destroyed. It will be a hard road ahead for these mink and their offspring, but with our help they now have a chance at survival. These animals are not capitalist commodities to be bought and sold for fashion or vanity, but unique individuals deserving of liberation from human exploitation. Even if some of the mink do not make it we feel it is better to die free, then at the hands of their speciesist captors.

To the Posches, owners of Jefferson Fur Farm: Consider this your first warning. Tear down this death camp and let the mink live free. If you don’t we will be back to finish the job.

To others concerned with the well-being of fellow living beings. First and foremost, go vegan. If you’ve been vegan for a while, it’s time to start looking up animal abusers in your area and doing the research for how to effectively cripple them. Work in small affinity groups, be cautious always– macho never, and never give information if captured. It’s time for animal rights to move beyond consumer sub-culture, towards an active liberation movement, which threatens the capitalist commoditization of life and the speciesist ideology itself.

We want to make it very clear that we will not be intimidated by the states continued witch hunt against the earth and animal liberation movements. Draconian prison sentences and repressive legislation will not deter us from our goal of total earth, animal, and human liberation. For every liberator you throw in prison, there will two more to take her place. For every activist’s house you raid, there will ten times that many cages emptied. You can take our freedom, but you will never extinguish the flame that burns in our heart. Let your passion mirror the animals oppression and our persecution.