Seven Restaurants and Butchers Painted by FLA-CVN

Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: February 26, 2008
Institution targeted: Mexican Restaurants and Butchers

Received anonymously

The night of February 23 the Animal Liberation Front – Commando Green Black (FLA-CVN), committed to causing economic sabotage to businesses that- through suffering and pain- expand their wallets, and to sound a warning to the pocketbooks of speciest capitalism.

This time red paint, the color of blood, was poured on the floors, walls, mirrors and awnings of seven restaurants and butchers in Mexico State. This action against speciest animal-murdering carnivores delivers a cost to these businesses. But this paint spilled is very little in comparison to what they shed every day, selling the carcasses of once-living beings.

Long live the noble and courageous struggle of animal avengers.

La noche del pasado 23 de Febrero el Frente de Liberacion Animal – Comando Verde Negro (FLA-CVN), se dedico a causar sabotaje economico a los comercios que por medio del sufrimiento y el dolor ensanchan sus carteras y por concecuente la cartera del capitalismo-especista.

Esta vez pintura roja color sangre fue derramada en los pisos, paredes, espejos y lonas de 7 restaurantes y carnicerias del Estado de Mexico, esta accion es para que los carnivoros especistas asesinos de animales, se den cuenta al entrara a sus negocios, que la pintura derramada es muy poco a comparacion que la que ellos derraman al dia, para vender la carroña de un ser viviente.

Que viva la noble y valiente lucha de los vengadores de animales!