Incendiary device Left for UCLA Primate Vivisector Edythe London

Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: February 21, 2008
Institution targeted: UCLA Primate Vivisector Edythe London

Received anonymously

Edyth London, you and your work are deplorable. You are given paychecks in exchange for addicting primates, the closest kin that the human species knows, to numerous sickeningly addicting drugs like crystal meth. For forcing these innocent and sensitive beings to suffer through a type of hell that they would never encounter if it wasn’t for your deranged science you deserve to know true justice.

This is why on February 3rd 2008 we left an incendiary device at your house at XXXX Shadybrook in Beverly Hills. Edyth, the fire that night was exactly ther size we wanted it to be. It was just a little outreach because we want to see you make the sound ethical choice to stop vivisecting primates. We know what we are doing and fires can be much larger.

Edyth, your secrets are very ugly and the spotlights on them are getting brighter. The LA Times says that you plan to expand mad science to include teenage human beings. They also pointed to the fact that you torture monkeys and Phillip Morris picks up the tab. The LA Times didn’t ask but we will, “Do you get rich while animals (and soon humans) suffer all in the name of making tobacco products more addicting?”

You make us sick and you inspire us into action Edyth. As each day begins and nothing that you own is burning consider yourself lucky.

Now is the time to stop vivisecting.

We don’t back down.


-the Animal Liberation Front