LA Mayor’s Chief over LAAS has Two Cars Hit with Paint Stripper

Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: January 17, 2007
Institution targeted: Los Angeles Department of Animal Services

Received anonymously

As the list of innocent animals dying in the city of Los Angeles’ animal “shelters” grows so does the list of people we will pay a visit to. People who are close to the mayor know of the abuse that is happening inside of LAAS and the same people have the ability to affect the changes that are needed to save the lives of placeable and adoptable kittens, puppies, as well as adult cats and dogs and other companion animals.

We’ve been stopping by to remind you of this.

This time two cars in the driveway (we think both BMWs. we aren’t sure it was dark and we move fast) at xxx N Arden in Los Angeles were doused with paint stripper. Robin Kramer, your job as chief to the mayor affords you the ability to push for LAAS to catch up with the times and transition to “no kill.” Why are you not pushing?

To all of those who can push for this change, please start pushing. We don’t want to have to keep this up but we certainly will if need be. —ALF