Sabotage at Residence of UCLA Vivisector Edythe London

For Immediate Release
October 29, 2007

Sabotage at Residence of UCLA Vivisector Edythe London
Targeted for Addicting Animals to Nicotine, Methamphetamines

Los Angeles- Primate Vivisector Edythe London was added to the roster of animal abusers at UCLA targeted by the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) for her role in torturing non-human animals to death in outdated and unnecessary experiments. In an anonymous communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, the ALF claimed to target London for her sadistic procedures addicting non-human primates to methamphetamine; she has also published data on primate addiction to nicotine, and addicting baby lambs to cocaine.

The communique claims London’s Beverly Hills home at 1249 Shadybrook Drive had a window broken and was flooded by a garden hose. It reads in part: “One more thing Edythe, water was our second choice, fire was our first. We compromised because we in the ALF don’t risk harming animals human and non human and we don’t risk starting brush fires.It would have been just as easy to burn your house down Edythe. As you slosh around your flooded house consider yourself fortunate this time. We will not stop until UCLA discontinues its primate vivisection programe.” The entire communique is posted here.

In an article last month in San Francisco Gate, London was also noted to be conducting secret experiments at UCLA on adolescent children smoking cigarettes, funded by a $6 million dollar grant from Phillip Morris. Attempts to obtain more information by that periodical were met with documents so heavily redacted by UCLA that they were useless; London and UCLA have both refused to comment.

London, a pharmacologist, has admitted publicly that her nicotine research on animals demonstrated there was so much inter-species variation in drug receptors, that no definitive statement could be made with regards to human effects of the drug.

Press Officer Jerry Vlasak, MD states: “London’s research is a colossal waste of taxpayer money, and soliciting money from industry groups to study their retail products is considered unethical by most physicians interested in research that might help their patients. Of course, not being a clinician, London appears to have no interest in helping people, but instead derives pleasure in killing animals to further her own personal goals of academic and monetary enrichment. Why the people of California allow this abuse to continue at their expense is truly a mystery to me.”

In recent months, activists picketing against UCLA primate vivisection have met with unconstitutional harassment by John Adams, a captain of the UCLA campus police; a lawsuit is pending in that matter. Underground organizations such as the ALF have stepped in when legal means of redress have been squelched. John Adams and his heavy-handed police tactics appear to be fueling the fire of resistance because of his inappropriate and illegal behaviors against legal activists; historically, when activists at demonstrations are persecuted, those watching from the sidelines in frustration find themselves intervening.