Huntingdon Life Sciences Suffers Renewed Attacks by Animal Rights Activists

For Immediate Release
September 12, 2007

Huntingdon Life Sciences Suffers Renewed Attacks by Animal Rights Activists
Jailing of Protestors in US and Britian Spurs On Underground


Washington, DC and Los Angeles: In anonymous communiques received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and others have claimed attacks on an Abbott Laboratories executive’s home in Washington DC and an office building owned by Phenomenex owner Farajollah Mahjoor in southern California. Abbott is a customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) while Phenomenex supplies them with laboratory testing materials; HLS is Europe’s largest contract animal testing company, with facilities in the United Kingdom and New Jersey. According to the communiques, activists paid a second visit to the Abbott directors home using red paint, while the building owned by Mahjoor had the walk way stained, 20 windows ruined and notes painted reading “We found you.”

Huntingdon Life Sciences has been exposed in five consecutive undercover investigations abusing animals, violating animal welfare regulations and killing 500 dogs, primates and other animals every day testing such products as oven cleaners and pesticides. Before losing their NYSE listing in 2005, the company had lost their listing on the London Stock Exchange four years ago after a sustained campaign by activists who exposed atrocities occurring to animals inside HLS facilities.

The current communiques read in part:
“John Frederick Richardson, the director for Abbott Labs, a customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences, got another visit about a month ago at his, washington DC house. Since our last visit he’d had the door painted a darker color so that red didn’t really show as well so we splattered it all over the side of his white house this time.”


“Farajollah you have failed to listen and failed to make sound compassionate choices. Because of this we are on you now. We are the ALF and you are on our agenda now. Expect more. Expect worse. We will be passing thru your area again in the future. Drop HLS before then if you are smart. With reliable and humane options to vivisection in existence your continued support for HLS proves your vile greed. The murder and torment of beagle puppies that you support is dispicable and we have no issues with serving you true justice. Drop HLS! ”

“These multiple attacks by underground animal rights activists on the notorious contract animal testing company, Huntigdon Life Sciences (HLS), in the Washington DC and Los Angeles areas are the entirely predictable results of jailing legal protestors”, opined Press Officer Lindy Greene. “Like our late president John Kennedy said, ‘Those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable’.”

Dozens of investment, insurance and banking firms, customers and suppliers, including Charles Schwab and Co.,TD Waterhouse and Marsh Inc. have ceased doing business with HLS after being targeted by activists and learning of the company’s involvement with animal cruelty.