HLS Supplier Phenomenex, Has Office Windows Destroyed with Etching Fluid

Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: September 10, 2007
Institution targeted: HLS Supplier Phenomenex

Received anonymously

Under the light of the moon on the morning of September second an office building owned by Farajollah Mahjoor the owner of Phenomenex was redecorated by the Animal Liberation Front.This property at 180 La Pata in San Clemente California was purchased with money soaked in the blood of tortured animals inside Huntingdon Life Sciences. Phenomenex is a key supplier to HLS and is directly responsible for the five hundred innocent animals who are vivisected and murdered on a daily basis inside their labs.

The front walk was stained blood red and twenty windows were destroyed by etching fluid and notes painted reading “We found you.” That’s right Farajollah we found you.You tried to hide the purchase of this property but we found it. You can’t hide. Have fun replacing those windows and hang on to the glass company’s phone number… you’re going to need it.

It is our understanding that there have been many visits to your home and the homes of your family by committed and brave activists. We commend those activists and say to them “Keep it up.” But Farajollah you have failed to listen and failed to make sound compassionate choices. Because of this we are on you now. We are the ALF and you are on our agenda now. Expect more. Expect worse. We will be passing thru your area again in the future. Drop HLS before then if you are smart. With reliable and humane options in existence to vivisection your continued support for HLS proves your vile greed. The murder and torment of beagle puppies that you support is dispicable and we have no issues with serving you true justice. Drop HLS!