Animal Rights Militia Tampers with HLS Customer Novartis’s Products

Communiqué from Animal Rights Militia
Date: August 28 , 2007
Institution targeted: HLS Customer Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Received anonymously

Over the last 5 days over 250 tubes and bottles of Novartis’s Anti-Septic product Savlon have been tampered with in the North of England in stores such as Superdrug, Boots and other well known stores. We don’t want to kill living beings like Novartis but the side effects and the inevitable hospital stay will give people an idea of what Novartis pays for inside Huntingdon Life Sciences.

The message is clear and uncompromising Vasella, you must stop killing animals inside Huntingdon Life Sciences or this will only be the beginning of our campaign.

Animal Rights Militia.