UCLA Vivisector Again Targeted for Animal Abuse

For Immediate Release
July 30, 2007

UCLA Vivisector Again Targeted for Animal Abuse
Activists May Have Mailed Package to Arthur Rosenbaum

Los Angeles- UCLA primate vivisector Arthur Rosenbaum has again been targeted by activists protesting animal cruelty. In a communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, activists claim to have mailed “an interesting package” to the abuser’s home at 465 Loring Avenue, Los Angeles.

Earlier this month, Rosenbaum’s neighborhood had to be evacuated twice, first for a bomb threat and subsequently when a “suspicious package” was found near his home. A bomb squad was dispatched on the second occurrence, according to Los Angeles Police Department Officer Karen Smith of the Media Relations office. Both of these actions are thus-far unclaimed by animal protection activists; the Animal Liberation Brigade took credit for an attempted firebombing of Rosenbaum’s luxury automobile on June 24th. Claiming to have witnessed abuse of the highly intelligent primates in Rosenbaum’s laboratory, an anonymous communiqué issued on June 27th exposed cruel and ineffective atrocities the researcher perpetrates on innocent primates.

In heavily redacted UCLA research protocols recently obtained by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, Rosenbaum claims to be repeatedly using each primate up to six times for invasive experiments involving the injection of Botox into eye musculature and the gluing of metal coils to the eye schlerae. The survivors are then sold to other researchers for further invasive visual experiments. Rosenbaum’s laboratory is also torturing cats, which are to be used twice each and then killed or re-sold. The total number of animals being used by Rosenbaum is redacted in the reports.

Rosenbaum’s current NIH grant claims he is artificially creating the eye disfigurement known as “strabismus” – or severe cross-eyedness – in monkeys. This study, by its nature, requires the use of unanesthetized, fully conscious monkeys, utilizing a draconian device to restrain the primates while they are forced to perform visual tasks. Quoting from his NIH Grant Number: 5R03EY015247-03, “non-human primates…will perform visual tasks in this environment, while eye position and muscle force output can be recorded. Eye position is accurately obtained through pickup of an implanted scleral search coil in generated differential electromagnetic fields. Muscle force is directly measured with implanted muscle force transducers (MFT). The lateral rectus muscle will be temporarily dennervated through metered injections of Botox, and will be stimulated with implanted electrodes using the MFT frame as a platform.”

Press Officer Jerry Vlasak, MD explains: “Rosenbaum’s research protocol calls for restraining monkeys in a device that keeps their heads from moving, while metallic coils are glued to their sclerae to allowing tracking of their eye movements. This is an inordinately cruel experiment purporting to study a usually self-limiting disease, for which a number of treatments are currently available and that can readily be studied in volunteer humans. I hope Rosenbaum stops his cruel and fraudulent experiments.”