Hubnet Express Office Painted and Wrecked for Connection to HLS

Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: February 18, 2007
Institution targeted: HLS Client Hubnet Express

Received anonymously

Last night a friend of Huntington Life Sciences, Hubnet Express at 1014 Hillcrest Blvd. in Inglewood, CA was payed a little visit. Hubnet Express is long standing client of HLS who use thier services to ship samples and other supplies used in the torture and abuse of animals that HLS is notorious for.

ALF activists used spraypaint to leave a clear message letting Hubnet know that they will need to cut their ties with HLS. Come Monday morning, once they make thier way past the glued locks, they will also find a surprise inside. Red dye was sprayed on the carpets. The red die symbolizes the 500 innocent animal that are murdered daily at the torture facilities that HLS dares to call laboritories. Added to the dye was a concentrated liquid smoke. The smell of smoke may burn thier nostrils but they are to consider themselves fortunate because if they do not cut thier ties with HLS the smell of smoke will not be from a liquid concentrate.

Hubnet, we don’t want to come back but we will if we have too. Cut those ties. In solidarity with direct action worldwide,