Utah Vivisector Audie Leventhal Gets a Home Visit

Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: January 5, 2007
Institution targeted: Utah Vivisector Audie Leventhal

Received anonymously

University of Utah cat/primate vivisector extraordinaire Audie Gene Leventhal owns quite a lot of property in Salt Lake City. When we learned he was selling a vacant home he owns on xxxxx S. Lampton View Dr., South Jordan, UT, we knew we had to help him remodel.

We find it amusing that his real estate company boasts being “secure and safe” on their sign (securere.com). Let’s put them to the test. We applied glass-eating acid on the windows to his house, including his nice sliding glass door leading the backyard. Altogether 6 windows and this door were destroyed. We also covered his house in paint including the words “CAT KILLER” to remind him of all the suffering he has caused kittens who have had their eyes sewn shut and all the torment he has caused to primates.

Audie, we know your wife Jackie who you’ve repeatedly beaten on your drunken rampages may be afraid of you, but we are not. We are disgusted by you and we will be back repeatedly to destroy your property until animals no longer die for your blood money. Which property should be next Audie? Your mansion on xxxxxxxx S., Holladay, UT? Or your 2nd home on xxxxx Devonshire Dr., Salt Lake City, UT? Your office park at 2940 W. 3650 S., West Valley, UT? Or how about your property in Nevada? You’ll find out soon enough. Until you leave the torture business we’ll continue to turn your life upside down.

Leventhal can be reached at:
home #: 801-582-xxxx
lab #: 801-581-xxxx
cell #: 801-598-xxxx


PS. To all the vivisectors we have yet to visit: don’t bask in your recent legislative victory for too long. This new animal enterprise law means NOTHING. If you haven’t got that point already, we’re confident by the year’s end that you’ll have figured that one out. We’re willing to risk our lives and freedom to defeat you and stop your cruelty, most of you retreat at the thought of losing your new yacht or luxury car. Now really, who do you think is going to win?