HLS Contractor UPS Painted and Glued Twice

Communiqué from activists
Date: October 12, 2006
Institution targeted: HLS Supplier UPS

anonymous communique:

Montreal, Canada

Last week we paid a visit to a franchise of Mail Box etc and The UPS store which is own by UPS, United Parcel Service. UPS does business with Huntingdon life Sciences and we will not let them get away with this.

In the middle of the night we glued the front door lock, spray painted messages like ‘PUPPY KILLER’ ‘DROP HLS’ and ‘SCUM’ on the walls and doors and left red paint everywhere on there brick walls and on the doors.

Two days after this action, UPS paid thousands of dollars to fix it. So the same night we went again and did it even worst. Two doors super glued, anti HLS slogans on walls and doors and paint all over the place! What are you going to do UPS? Are you going to do the ethical decision and drop HLS or you will try to continue profiting from the murder of animals?

Drop HLS and we will go away, it’s your only option if you don’t want more trouble. We know were your executives live! We will not hesitate to use violence! You cannot stop us!

The beagles patrol