“You Win”- UCLA Vivisector Dario Ringach Quits Animal Experimentation

For Immediate Release
August 6, 2006
“You Win”- UCLA Vivisector Dario Ringach Quits Animal Experimentation

Los Angeles – In an email received by the Press Office today, UCLA vivisector Dario Ringach stated he will no longer experiment on non-human primates. Although no reason was expressly stated, the correspondence asked that his name be removed from websites exposing his atrocities, and asked that his family be left alone. There was no mention of regrets or plans for atonement.

The subject and first line of the email stated “You win”, evidently a response to animal activists who have ceaselessly sought to expose the animal suffering emitting from his laboratory. Ringash’s home had been the subject of numerous demonstrations, and his neighbors provided with leaflets detailing his unscientific and unnecessary violence. A fellow researcher at UCLA, Lynn Fairbanks, was the target of an attack by the underground Animal Liberation Front last month, in which an incendiary device was reportedly left on her porch. Fairbanks is notorious at UCLA for keeping hundreds of Vervet monkeys in cages, purportedly to study psychological and social problems such as substance abuse, criminality and violence.

According to UCLAPrimateFreedom.com, a website featuring Ringach’s work, he ” has been approved to kill 30 macaque monkeys for vision experiments. Each monkey is first paralyzed, then has coils glued to her eyes during a single session that lasts up to 120 hours, and finally killed. Ringach says his experiments will advance our understanding of how monkeys process what they see. This is a far cry from life saving research.”

For more information visit www.uclaprimatefreedom.com