ALF Strikes Home (Again) of LA Animal Services Commander; David Diliberto

For Immediate Release:

August 1, 2006

ALF Strikes Home (Again) of LA Animal Services Commander; David Diliberto Responsible for Needlessly Killing Companion Animals

Los Angeles- The underground Animal Liberation Front (ALF) has attacked the home of LA Animal Services (LAAS) commander David Diliberto, who oversees the operations at five City pounds where thousands of companion animals are killed every year. Despite repeated pleas by animal advocates to General Manager Ed Boks to replace the incompetent Diliberto, who is facing civil charges of sexual harassment of subordinates, the commander continues to advocate and oversee the unnecessary killing.

A communiqué received by the Press Office reads: “2 weeks ago the Animal Liberation Front paid a visit to our old pal Dave Diliberto. A half gallon paint bomb was left to blast red paint all over his home. We hope the mess was good enough to remind you the blood is on your hands Dave. Stop the killing now. ALF”

Diliberto has repeatedly tried to stifle protest activity by activists, using the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office as his private attorneys to file civil suits and criminal charges against those who would legally protest his incompetence. Two activists were acquitted of criminal charges last year, and numerous restraining orders have been thrown out of court, costing the City tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees to activists.

In June, two Animal Defense League-LA (ADL-LA: www.StopThe activists were convicted of “focused picketing” at Diliberto’s home, despite ample evidence presented to the jury that their speech was constitutionally protected. That conviction remains on appeal, and may have prompted the latest round of ALF action.

An ADL-LA spokesperson stated: “Convicting activists attempting to use legal methods to bring change to the antiquated Department of Animal Services only serves to anger the underground arm of the animal rights movement. It certainly comes as no surprise to us that the ALF is stepping up to take over when other, more mainstream activists are persecuted by the state.”