Hofstra University President Home Painted for Connection to GSK /HLS

Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: December 23, 2005
Institution targeted: HLS Customer GlaxoSmithKline

Reported anonymously, 12/23:

“Last night the ALF vandalized the home of president of Hofstra University, Stuart Rabinowitz. We did this because he and the university made the poor choice of naming Collin Goddard, CEO to OSI Pharmaceuticals the keynote speaker at their mid-year graduation commencement. Collin’s financial partner is GlaxoSmith Kline VP Robert Ingram, one of Huntingdon Life Science’s largest customers. Collin, Robert, GSK and OSI have not been able to grasp the message that supporting HLS is not acceptable. What we did is just the tip of the iceberg when looking at what we have in store for their camp. So we took aim at Stuart Rabinowitz and made it loud and clear that if you climb in to bed with Collin and GSK they can expect a whole lot of grief. Stuart Rabinowitz’s whole house was covered with spraypainted slogans. Everyone who is in arms reach of GSK and HLS can expect similar treatment.

Use the info below to give Stuart Rabinowitz some of your own grief.