Multiple Fur Shops, Glued & Painted, Montreal

Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: December 13, 2005
Institution targeted: Multiple Fur Shops }

Received anonymously by activists in Canada:

“Montreal (Quebec) Canada

3 Fur Stores Vandalised

In the night from 8th to 9th of December 2005, three fur stores were vandalised in north of Montreal city. At the first one, we wrote some graffiti in English and French, such as: ‘MEURTRIERS’, ‘KILLERS’, ‘TUEURS’, and we superglued locks.

At the second place, we glued locks.

At the third store, we glued locks, wrote with red spraypaint our rage and smashed a display.

In memory of billions of animals sacrificed each year for fucking money and
fucking vanity.

ALF – Montreal, Furious Foxes Unit”