LA Animal Services Chief Vet Finds Suspicious Device on her Porch

For Immediate Release
November 1, 2005

LA Animal Services Chief Vet Finds Suspicious Device on her Porch
Targeted by ALF Days After Firing Compassionate Subordinate Trying to Save Animals

Los Angeles- An anonymous communique was received yesterday in which the ALF has claimed responsibility for leaving a suspicious device at the home of Cassandria Smith, in Chino Hills California. Smith has been under fire for over two years from the animal rights and humane community for being an inept, incompetent and dispassionate veterinarian who heads up the veterinarian department of the Los Angeles Animal Services.

Smith, with General Manager Guerdon Stuckey’s approval, recently fired Dr. Laura Cochrane, another veterinarian who was a proponent of “No Kill” and was an outspoken advocate of better medical care for shelter animal; her firing has bewildered and angered the humane community.

Some of the policies put forth by Dr. Smith previously, have been:

killing all puppies and kittens 8 weeks of age or younger brought into the city shelters,
refusal to transfer animals from high kill shelters to shelters like West L.A. who were willing to take these animals and adopt them out to the public,
refusal to call the Frontline and Advantage companies to request their donating the anti flea medication and
refusal to change the archaic policy regarding the locked isolation areas, where animals for adoption are restrained and the public unable to see them, thus violating the Hayden law.

The communiqué reads, in part:

“the night was quiet as we drove down to Cassandra Smiths residence XXXX XXXXX XXXX, Chino Hills. we quickly exited the car and left a ficticious package bomb on her doorstep. Smith was told we would deactivate the bomb if a public resignation was released. See you soon, alf”

A spokesperson for Animal defense League, Los Angeles, who has waged a campaign against the unnecessary killing of 45,000 companion animals annually at LAAS, said: “While we do not condone breaking the law, it is clear the passion of some animal defenders will hold those accountable that make animal torture a reality at LAAS “.