Hotel Bomb Scare at Neutroceuticals Conference, HLS

Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: October 25, 2005
Institution targeted: Huntingdon Life Sciences

Received anonymously:

Recently a Conference was held in Anaheim, CA for neutroceuticals. Among the attendees was Steve Ruckman, an HLS representative. There to put a good face to and collect clients for Huntingdon Life Sciences. This is unacceptable. A bomb threat was called in 15 min. before Steve was Scheduled to Speak. Associate with HLS and we will ruin your life.

Tuesday, October 18th
ALF: Hello, I stayed in Room xxx recently and think I left something behind.
Concierge: What is that?
ALF: A bomb. You’ve allowed HLS to come into your hotel, now you will pay the price.
Concierge: What was that?
ALF: If Steven Ruckman from HLS takes the stage, everyone dies. Have a good day.