New Vivisection Supplier Houses Painted, Cars Stripped

Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: May 28, 2005
Institution targeted: PeonyLand Nursery

“Last night (Thursday) we went to the home and business of Michael Hsu, Chao Hsu, and Susan Hsu. They live at xxx Church Rd. in Richland, PA (suburbs of Philadelphia). These three are attempting to open a primate holding prison in Richland (PA) before sending the captured primates off to animal labs to be tortured and killed.

At their business (they sell peony bushes), we entered several greenhouses and completely trashed them, dumping hundreds and hundreds of bushes and making a mess of the place. We also poisoned over a hundred planted bushes – have fun finding out which ones, Hsu. After that we spray painted the greenhouses, your large barn, your pool, and covered your two private homes in spray paint. We spray painted two cars and ruined two others by covering them in paint stripper.

Drop your plans for a primate prison, or we will make your life a living hell. If
you continue to go forward with your plans, we will destroy your business and we will destroy your lives. Your neighbors don’t want you building a primate prison, and neither do we. If you mess with animals, you are messing with us. You are sick bastards, and if you imprison so much as one monkey to sell to a lab we will make you pay dearly. We are watching you…

-The Animal Liberation Front

Michael, Chao and Susan Hsu
xxx Church Rd.
Quakertown PA 18951