Animal Liberation Front Liberates 21 Mice from Louisiana State University

For Immediate Release
April 26, 2005

Animal Liberation Front Liberates 21 Mice from Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, LA: Twenty-one mice were spirited to freedom from the laboratories of Louisiana State University (LSU) in the early morning hours of April 22. Members of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) took credit for the raid in a communiqué received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office today. Photographs taken during the raid accompanied the communiqué.

In addition to freeing the animals from a tortured existence and early death at the hands of vivisectors, the ALF also smashed windows and aquariums, spray-painted and paint-stripped walls, and glued locks in the laboratory. Economic sabotage of facilities that abuse animals is a frequent hallmark of ALF actions.

The communiqué received by the Press Office reads in part:
” Our deepest sadness is reserved for the animals on the 7th Floor kept from our arms, those we were unable to save, including hundreds of mice, dozens of rats, birds, rabbits, and turtles. The cold solitude of the cage and the deafening silence of sterile, windowless laboratory rooms on the top floor of a building, with no chance to interact in the outside world or with one another is torture enough. Add to that the despicable cruelty of those human beings who’ve shown no compassion for the screams from animals in their never-ending, painful experiments and you can see where our sadness, and our anger, comes from.”

” We acted as operatives not only of compassion, but good science. Animal research is not only cruel but hazardous — as data derived from the animal models is not applicable to humans and therefore dangerous.”