Dozens of Foxes Liberated

Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: April 01, 2005
Institution Targeted: Kerry Littig Fox Farm

To all those who refuse to give in,

In the early morning hours of April 1st, our small band of do-gooders made our way through muddy fields and grassy mounds to decend upon a fox factory farm owned by Kerry Littig (xxxx Eagle Run Rd, Bluffs, IL 62621).

She is the top breeder of silver foxes in the U.S. Until now she probably thought that she was pretty safe since her address has never been made public. We found you Kerry, and more importantly, we found the foxes you imprison, force to suffer, and finally mutilate all for your own profit and the vanity of others.

Only the breeding animals were on the farm, so we knew this wouldnt take very long. After removing the majority of the surrounding fence, we entered the shed, removed all of the breeding information and finally opened every single cage, releasing dozens of foxes into the surrounding countryside. We hope with all our hearts that some make it!

Kerry better believe that we will come back, time and time again, until this hellhole is closed once and for all.

This action was done in absolute solidarity with all of those forced to flee in order to escape the state’s repression, and most of all FOR PETER, who made it seven years. You inspire us immensely and are with us in every passing moment.

Strong Hearts Forward! the Animal Liberation Front