ALF Continues South Bay Campaign Against Fast-Food Giants; Torrance McDonald’s Struck Twice in Week’s Time

For Immediate Release
February 14, 2005

ALF Continues South Bay Campaign Against Fast-Food Giants; Torrance McDonald’s Struck Twice in Week’s Time

Torrance- A McDonald’s restaurant at 24650 Crenshaw Boulevard in Torrance was targeted yesterday morning for the second time in one week by the Animal Liberation Front(ALF), who again smashed windows and used graffiti to inform the public about continuing animal cruelty. The location had barely finished cleaning up after a similar attack exactly a week earlier.

A nearby Carson Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC) at Figueroa and Carson Streets was attacked as well, bringing the total hits in the area to at least 5 in the preceding 3 months.

McDonald’s has been designated a poster-company for the fast food, meat and dairy industries, which are responsible for massive and unimaginable animal cruelty, as well as participating in environmentally destructive practices and anti-union efforts. After the longest-running civil trial in British history, two activists prevailed over the corporate giant in their efforts to continue producing a leaflet entitled “What’s Wrong With McDonald’s?” Statements in the pamphlet detailing animal suffering, environmental destruction and detriment to human health caused by McDonald’s products were deemed to be true by the courts.

KFC was recently targeted by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(PeTA), who asked the company to only buy and kill chickens from growers who provided them with slightly larger cages. The animal liberation movement is vehemently opposed to such acts of animal welfarism, which only serve to appease those who exploit and kill animals for human pleasure.

Activists unable to compete with advertising campaigns costing hundreds of millions of dollars have turned to symbolic actions such as Sunday’s that direct public attention to the unethical business practices of giant corporations.

The Animal Liberation Front is an underground organization working to end exploitation of non-human animals, frequently in ways that violate current law, not unlike those who violated the law to free human slaves a mere 150 years ago. No arrests have been made in either of the recent actions.