ALF Makes New Photos Available from University of Iowa Raid in November

For Immediate Release
January 28, 2005

ALF Makes New Photos Available from University of Iowa Raid in November

Iowa- Graphic photographs, removed from laboratories during the recent raid on the University of Iowa, have recently been obtained by the Press Office and are available to the press upon request. Shown are non-human primates used at UI in depraved psychological experiments.

In November, members of the Animal Liberation Front entered laboratories at the university and freed more than 400 imprisoned animals that faced lives of misery and torture at the hands of experimenters. No one has been charged by authorities in the case.

Steve Best, PhD was recently at the UI campus to deliver a lecture in support of the ALF, providing stimulating discussion on the topic and infuriating those whose careers depend upon the relentless torture of animals in order to publish reams of data generally useless for improving human health.

Jerry Vlasak, MD, himself a former animal researcher and now an outspoken critic of animal research, states that “Researchers in labs like the one raided at UI are wasting valuable research dollars in futile attempts to apply data obtained from non-humans to human patients. Psychological experiments are even less likely to be useful, as the complex psychosocial differences between humans and animals are so different.”

The recent photographs were taken during the raid, and show non-human primates restrained in stereo-tactic devices; another shows a researcher glibly holding a test subject in a gruesome display of disrespect. All the photos are available electronically in high-resolution format, and are displayed here.