Servants of the Truth – by Abdul Haqq (formerly Walter Bond)

‘The time has come for an Ideology and for a movement that is both physically and morally strong enough to do battle against the forces of evil that are destroying the Earth (and all life upon it). One that cannot be bought nor led astray by temptation, a movement free of the vices that sedate the mind and weaken the body. An ideology that is pure and righteous without contradictions or inconsistencies. One that judges all things by one standard and emphasizes personal responsibility and accountability above all else. An overall view on life that not only deals with the external but also the internal, realizing that a physical entity of oppression, such as the capitalist system (where all life is deemed and expendable resource), is merely an outward manifestation of the warped values held by the people who run the institutions that control our lives, influence our culture and destroy the Earth.’

In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate, The movement for Animal Liberation must join the movement for Earth Liberation and environmental protection, which in turn must join in the fight for human Liberation, by fighting against racism and classism in the form of so-called capitalism. Which is simply glorified consumerism and politically ordained hedonism. These oppressions, be they of Animals, the Earth, or humans all have common supremacist correlations. Indeed, whenever one group exploits another group you will find the same arguments and justifications for trampling on the rights of, and wasting the lives of the innocent and defenseless. So the next logical step is to begin fighting oppression, slavery and murder in it’s totality. Instead of just it’s single issue manifestations. This will inevitably bring us to a tactical focal point where the question then arises: How do we effectively fight against the roots of all oppression?

That is a very large and serious question that cannot be answered quickly or easily. But the first step to that answer begins internally, then should manifest itself outwardly in our behaviors and actions. Its not enough to have a philosophical understanding of the greed and filth that is literally consuming the planet whole. It’s of no use to play town crier and put all our energy into informing the apathetic masses about how terrible everything is, with some naive hope that some group of people will take the burden of action from us, by becoming so angry at the injustices we’ve opened their eyes to, that they will go ahead and fight for Liberation in our absence.

It’s time for us to start acknowledging and practicing attributes that the movement for Total Liberation must embrace and also the pitfalls that must be avoided. Case in point: Our movements must become ‘PHYSICALLY AND MORALLY STRONG ENOUGH TO DO BATTLE WITH THE FORCES OF EVIL THAT ARE DESTROYING THE EARTH (AND ALL LIFE UPON IT).’  This is really a very relevant premise. The main priority of any group throughout recorded human history that has sought to seize the day or overthrow the oppressor is to become physically strong and morally straight. These are both a matter of practicality and necessity. I’ve actually met Vegans at protests that are approaching 300 pounds, or that cannot stand in one spot for an hour (or half of an hour) holding a sign without having to sit on the curb or head back to their car to snack on Vegan junk food. A weak body, leads to a weak mind, leads to a weak worldview, leads to a meek and pathetic movement. if you don’t care about yourself how much can you care about others? If you can’t protect or fight for yourself how then will you shield or defend others?

Lets be brutally realistic about the situation. The system that kills Animals at a break neck pace, that destroys the forests of Mother Earth with impunity, that enslaves whole continents with sheer brutality is what you are speaking out against and what I’m currently in prison for attacking. It’s not a game for the primate dying from dehydration in transit to a tortured death at the hands of ‘scientific’ lunatics we call ‘researchers’. It’s not a potluck or conversation for the Cow that is getting mechanically and methodically raped so that her child can be imprisoned in a crate, fed a liquid diet and butchered into veal flanks and chops. It’s not a philosophy to the forest and indigenous populations that are decimated so that McDonalds can keep selling their filthy for a buck. And it’s not a political statement to the millions of prisoners that are cannon fodder for the industrial prison complex of the United Snakes of Amerikkka! It’s definitely not a game to those in power. They play for keeps and they kill at will. The only ones playing games, is us, The ones who identify themselves as activists against oppression, slavery and murder. So yes, physical capability is a prerequisite to being able to fight for any reason and against any opponent. Physical fitness is a prerequisite to being able to work for a cause, be it your own daily bread or the saving of the planet. And physical fitness is fundamental to the reality of activity, which is what makes the activist.

Next BASED IN MORALITY: Let us never forget that we are seeking justice, compassion, a better world and healthy relationships based on respect of our own and others rights. That is to say boundaries that should not be abdicated by anyone, so that all Animals, all Eco-Systems and all caring and considerate people may live out their natural lives without tyranny and oppression from any person, or entity. We are not fighting for a world with no rules. We are not fighting for a world where everyone gets to do whatever they want. To truly live a natural and holistic life is to be ‘part of’ not ‘apart from’. You are a part of a family, you are a part of a neighborhood, you are part of a community and you are a part of the world around you. Your deeds, actions and even your thoughts effect your surroundings even when this is not apparent to the individual. It’s the favorite excuse of drunks and addicts to say ‘I’m not hurting anyone, what I do is my own business’. All the while they have tore their family apart, set terrible examples for their children to follow and threaten the safety of everyone around them every time they get behind the steering wheel.

It’s curious that we as Animal, Earth and human rights activists understand the evils of egg production, tree cloning, drug addiction, pornography, or poverty but then we turn around and defend peoples ‘rights’ to act in ways that are harmful to those around them and lead to the same redundant vices and the exact evils that the world is currently suffering from. The reality of human behavior is far different from what anarchist utopianists would have us believe. Unfortunately when masses of people that have been twisted by a corrupt and immoral society are left without enforcement of rules regarding behavior and right conduct they rapidly sink to the lowest common denominator and depravity of all kinds.

Are we Vegan? Are we Straight Edge? Are we against racism? Assuming the answer is yes, then what this shows is that we really don’t believe in a do-whatever-you-like type of world. Actually it shows by our actions that we do believe in personal discipline and prohibition more than most of the general population. This being the case we should stop lying to ourselves and quit outwardly creating an image that is at odds with the truth.

You should not eat meat or use Animals for a hundred and one different reasons. You have no right to destroy the Earth to get rich, and other innocent people should not be subject to racial prejudice, wage slavery in third world countries , or sexual assault under any circumstances! These injustices should be stopped whether by education or the blunt fist of Vegan Hardline authority. This is not a call for activists to become fundamentalists but to realize that we already are.

‘A MOVEMENT THAT CANNOT BE BOUGHT OR LED ASTRAY BY TEMPTATION’. We have past the point if one ever truly existed where joining a group is going to change anything. Large groups and organizations quickly become victims of their own success, entities that have personal interests and goals well outside and above the issues they were brought into existence to remedy. While they often have sincere and caring membership or supporters, this gets outweighed by those that seek personal gain and lucrative careers, even when they fool themselves into thinking otherwise. This is compounded by the fact that many of those that join large groups do so from a need to find identity or fill an internal void by taking part in a ready made and socially accomplished activist structure and not from a sincere desire to do the difficult and selfless work of grassroots activism.

The only way to not become bought, that is to say, the only way not to sell out, thereby falling prey to the temptation of becoming part of the very same satanic system that is the perpetrator against all innocent life is to bring our views, beliefs and struggles together into a way of life that is the guidepost of all our actions. A worldview that remains with us where ever we go and is not dictated to us by strangers in a committee. A Liberator worldview that cannot be eradicated even by the most powerful government. Because it’s survival is connected to it’s internalization. So even if it’s adherents are suppressed or sell out the righteous cause still stands. Take the Animal Liberation Front as an example. The ALF is not a group, although groups have been part of the ALF. The ALF is a set of bylaws. Namely any vegetarian or Vegan that liberates Animals from places of harm, or causes economic sabotage to those that profit from Animal exploitation, and in the process harms no human or Animal has the right to regard herself/himself/themselves as the Animal Liberation Front. This is a tactic known as leaderless resistance. It cannot by it’s nature sell out or be eradicated. It’s like sand in the hands of the system. the harder they squeeze the faster it slips through their fingers.

Today’s Liberator must be self motivated, self aware, and self reliant. These are the days that if the government doesn’t oppose you it will attempt to assimilate you. We need more liberators, we need more warriors, we need more direct activism. We don’t need more signs, we don’t need more workshops and we don’t need more negotiation, NEGOTIATION IS OVER! It’s time for progression not regression. Holding signs for the media? give me a break. Are we picketing and prostrating or are we standing and demanding? I guess it’s not important since demands only get answered by those that are willing to enforce them, and that’s not us, right?

While the seas are infected with floating islands of plastic wal mart bags, while mountains have their gut blown out for coal, while Animals suffer and die by the billions and while most of the human race lives in absolute poverty, we’re going to make a sign! We’re going to smile and hand out a flier! maybe we’ll get real serious and start playing games with words. We’re not green anymore, we’re Deep Green Resistance. We’re not going to go stop anything, but we’re gonna write bigger and better books and then have some hardcore conversations and workshops about guerrilla gardening and living off the land. And we’re going to teach people the importance of human being spelled ‘humyn’ so we don’t piss off the politically correct Vegyns.

Today’s activists, today’s Liberators need to grow and mature and realize that much of what passes for radical activism is just as circular as the large Animal welfare organizations/lobbies. You may wonder since I’m tearing into and criticizing the mainstream as well as the so called radical Liberation struggles, what’s left? the answer is you.

If you have read this far you are either a federal devil, or you ‘get it’. In Islam we have a basic premise that knowledge literally equals responsibility. If you are ignorant, insane, lost, or otherwise mentally incompetent than you are truly and honestly exempt from blame on a great many issues. But when you have the knowledge and understanding and you even go so far as to align yourself with the truth, even by words, than you have a responsibility to live your beliefs with your deeds, character and actions. If you do not, than you really do not believe what you preach, that’s called ‘hypocrisy’. or you are afraid of persecution, that’s called ‘cowardice’.

The struggle for Animal, Earth and human Liberation needs to live inside of you. that’s where it needs to find it’s source of strength. Because everything else can get taken away. But the convictions that guide your actions can never be taken away unless you give them up yourself, cast them out of your heart, or sell them out to the system or the highest bidder. This article has focused on issues of the individual, the psyche, morals, steadfastness and what should be excepted of all serious freedom fighters. This article has also been my commentary on the first paragraph of the ‘Hardline Manifesto’ and insha Allah I will release my commentary on the remaining paragraphs in the very near future. It’s essential  subject matter and and important foundation to build upon, our activists have a far shorter shelf life than most of the foods they eat and that’s a shame because the voiceless need your voice, the defenseless need your defense, the enslaved need you to free them and they all need you in this fight. so become a fighter! Not a sign holder, not a listener of speeches, not a commentator online and not merely one who morally supports the struggle for Total Liberation by throwing the words ‘comrade’ and ‘solidarity’ around as if they were only punctuation marks. But instead fight, revolt, resist, save lives and become justice! For the Animals, for the Earth and for the people used and abused so that those in power can stay in power, tear it down now! By any means necessary and Whatever It May Take!

Wa Salaam,
Abdul Haqq