Animal Activist Released from Jail After Attempted Mink Liberation

Kellie Marshall finishes her 60 day sentence for an attempted fur farm raid in Iowa

From Animal Liberation Frontline
by Peter Young
April 21, 2012

Quick note to announce that Kellie Marshall has been released after her (relatively) brief sentence for cutting fences and releasing one mink at the Circle K Fur Farm in Sioux City, Iowa.

Her codefendant (and husband) Victor VanOrden received a vastly greater sentence of five years for the same incident. In Iowa, first time “offenders” serve approximately 50% of their sentence. Victor’s sentencing judge also indicated she may consider resentencing Victor to less time, though this is not guaranteed.

The Circle K Fur Farm was first raided in 1997. 5,000 mink and 100 fox were released in that action.

Welcome home Kellie.